How to Launch a Disciple-Making Year Without Hours of Meetings

An unequipped church in a broken city is the devil’s playground.

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Hugh Plappert has assisted organizations and churches focus on strategic plans resulting in increased margins and growth. With over 36 years of successful consulting with Fortune 500, Inc 500, Churches, and National Religious Organizations he brings insights that are usable for the Church Plant, Bi-Vocational Pastor, and the larger congregations.

In this interactive presentation you will learn:

  • How to overcome excuses for lack of involvement.
  • How to qualify your simplest members as Disciple-Makers.
  • How to help your members practice Disciple-Making year-around.
  • How to manage consistent but straightforward techniques to improve the quality of your program.
  • How to select the right tool to help you both save time and build better relationships with your members.
  • How to develop outcome-based Disciple-Makers.